Following a tree

I have joined Lucy over at Loose and leafy and have agreed to follow the life of a tree for a year, if you are interested in this too, please contact her to join in. 

The tree I have chosen is a beautiful willow tree , you can also follow it's changes through the seasons.

February 2012

March 2012

April 2012

Mid April 2012

May 2012

October 2012

January 2013


  1. Follow a tree..what a great idea!

  2. Also a good idea is that you have this page! I'm astonished though at the way time has gone by - and I've been blogging less frequently. Initially because I stopped for a summer break and no sooner had I come back than the weather turned bad. (You've been coping with blogging in the elements better than me!) Anyway . . I'm having a bash at re-animating Tree Blogging and am experimenting with the Linky system - which, I hope, will make it easier for bloggers to keep in touch with each other's tree posts. Will you be Tree Following in 2014? Hope so!


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