Sunday, 25 January 2015


 The one day when I wasn't working last week we awoke to a frosty landscape and I couldn't wait for breakfast to be out to capture its beauty!

Although it doesn't look like it in these pictures West Bay has been very busy for the last few weekends, since the second series of Broadchurch started.

I also noticed that there are many cameras taking images of  familiar locations. The blue chalet Britbank below where David Tennant was living has been put on the market for £275,000. It made me smile when I saw an advert, wondering whether David Tennant was also included in the price!

Lyme Regis is another of our favourite locations and on our visit there yesterday we discovered the new sea defence wall that opened last August. It is on the opposite end of the town to the Cobb but still has wonderful views over the sea.

Back in the town more lovely locations to admire........

          and then I noticed this driftwood wreath! That's another thing I would like to make!

I haven't mentioned the two woollen hats that I have recently knitted. The first one (for me) was fine and I was so impressed I offered to make my son one. Unfortunately it turned out so large that I need to unpick it and start again! The frosty morning has reminded me that this must be my priority this week!

Wishing you a fun week.
Sarah x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Grey sea and skies

As I sit and write this wind is howling outside and the rain slamming against the windows! It's a good evening to be snug and warm inside. We have seen more grey sea and sky this week......

This was just when I was hoping for some sunshine for a special Australian blogging friend who stopped by to see us on her extended break in Europe. Despite the weather we had a wonderful time, it was just too short!  In the past I have joined in her cookery challenges - unfortunately this time she had taste them too!

Image by Lucent's husband

In the winter I  always love seeing the empty branches silhouetted against the sky. We have been surprised how many planes fly high above us here, creating their smoke trails across the sky. I have been trying to track them over the internet to discover where they have come from and where they are heading. Have you ever passed over the Dorset coastline on a plane?

  I was so excited at the weekend to see lots of bottoms from one of our bedroom windows - we have some new neighbours!

Dog Training classes have started this week too - of course it is us who need the training more than Tavi!  He didn't do too badly and was very encouraged by all the extra treats he was suddenly being given! Have you ever attended any dog training classes?

We have recently bought a second-hand kitchen dresser. As you can see I'm not the only one who likes it! Maybe I need to ask Twinkle what colour to paint it!

Have a great week whether it is in rain,snow,wind or sunshine!

Sarah x

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Making the most of things that matter

At the start of each year like so many others I make resolutions and don't manage to carry them through. Last year I choose one word "DOING" and although we did have many changes I soon forgot what the word was! So I think a new approach might be called for, something that will remind me constantly, especially as my memory is not as good as it used to be!

Our daughter bought me this motto above, so this is what I shall try and achieve more of this year, while also making the most of the things that matter.

 January is when we start planning what we would like to grow in the garden.Today we noticed our first flower just coming into bloom in our new flower border. The hazel in the hedge already has catkins forming. I have bought some branches inside to enjoy.

 I am going to try and write more lists this year. We have already a long list of local places we want to visit. We thought we knew this part of Dorset reasonably well but we keep finding new places or ones that we haven't visited for many years, such as here in Charmouth ...

The light on the water was just so beautiful and such a contrast to the dark cliffs.

Charmouth is at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Jurassic Coastline and a popular location for searching for fossils. The last time we can remember visiting here was in 1994! I can't think why it has taken so long to return!

It was also the first time Tavi had seen ducks!

Unfortunately he ended up going home smelling of them too! We were watching some pipits flying overhead and didn't realise until it was too late that Tavi had discovered the delights of  rolling in duck poo!

I'm back to work tomorrow after a long Christmas break, the weather has been so changeable. One day last week we started off a walk wearing hats and gloves and ended up by taking our coats off. It was hard to believe this was December!

Many of you have mentioned the TV programme Broadchurch, so just a reminder that the new series starts on Monday night.

Do you have any plans or resolutions for 2015?
Sarah x


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