Sunday, 26 January 2014

A part of history in the attic

 Following the link in my last post of the tour of the West Country of England in the 1960's,  I thought I would continue with the 196o's for this post too!

Back in the autumn we put extra insulation in the loft, and J discovered an old cardboard box. Inside was a "Woman's Own" magazine from October 1963 left by a previous resident. (Our house was built in the 1930's and we have lived here for 21 years.)

I have always been interested in social history and it was fun to look through the magazine and compare it with our lives and magazines of today. Even though it was 50 years on, the articles were covering the same topics as interest - such as how to save money by eating on a budget.

Our food tastes have changed over the past 50 years. Although some of the dishes are familiar many of the weekly dishes we now eat originate from other countries.  I love lentils but I'm not sure I would want to eat them with the tongue as illustrated in the lentil and tongue hot pot above!

 This magazine is six months younger than me, and possibly in better condition too! In 1963 I would have been eating some of this food in the advert above. When I was old enough for the high chair I would feed baby rusks to our spaniel who was sitting patiently below me!

Many of the adverts are still familiar today. I realised as I was writing this that I had pictured the things I enjoyed as a child. I haven't had a Keiller butterscotch for many years. Does anyone know if it is still produced?

There were also adverts for wool and elsewhere in the magazine a knitting pattern too.

Other articles included home decorating. Things seem to go around and around in fashion and trends. Is this just a marketing ploy to try to encourage us to buy more, or an urge for us to return to scenes of younger years, what do you think? Do you have any old magazines too?

I couldn't leave you this week without some glimpse of the sea. Even then some followed their dreams to the sea !

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse back in time. I haven't decided whether to keep the magazine or return it to the attic with a magazine from 2013 and let someone else discover both of them in another 50 years!

Sarah x

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Following the river to the sea

 We awoke to bird song and blue skies and our plans of jobs around the house and garden were instantly abandoned and replaced by a day out by the sea in Devon instead.

  This is Sidmouth, which has a wonderful park that follows the course of the River Sid

down to the sea ...... 

It was hard to believe it was January as we sat on the beach basking in the sunshine and eating sandwiches. All that was missing was the ice-cream!

On the way home, we discovered a beautiful village in a hidden valley that led to the sea. This is quite a common occurance along this stretch of coast. It will need further exploration another time, as there were a few things that needed doing back at home!

If this has wetted your appetite for similar images and you have 20 minutes to spare, do have a look at this 1961 British Travel Association Film about taking a holiday in the West Country. It is a wonderful piece, showing not only the delights of the West Country, but also the fashion, food and transport of that era! How I would love to have one of those cottage gardens packed full of flowers  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. If you search the British Pathe site you will discover many i fascinating news reports and film footage from all around the world.

Thank you for all your comments on the last post  especially about the effect of the storms on Chesil Beach. The beach is now clear of debris - thanks to many volunteers.   Luckily we missed seeing the dead cow that was washed onto the beach! A message in a bottle was also discovered that had been thrown in the water by a young boy 13 years ago from the north coast of Devon. Welcome to my new followers Tammy, Noelle, Liz, Wendy, (if you have links please let me know), also hello to Marie and Julie.

Sarah x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

After the storms

The sun was shining and the sea was calm and wanting to walk somewhere relatively dry underfoot, we ventured over to Portland to get some salty air.

On Monday evening the flood sirens sounded - the first time  in over 30 years. The sea defences were in danger of being breached. The Cove Inn (the building nearest the sea) had waves lashing against it's shuttered windows. It looks such a distance away from the sea in these calmer waters (to read more about it see here)

 We have never seen some much jetsam washed ashore before. The storms have also moved all the pebbles and the incline of the beach is now much steeper, (the drop is estimated around 16 foot or 4.8 metres!)

  Our plan had been to walk along the shores of Portland harbour on the old disused railway line (the grassy bit in the distance below.)

Looking out for wildlife and watching the wind catching the sails of the boats in the harbour.
Turnstone, Oystercatcher, Brent Geese
The oyster catcher seemed to know we wanted to take a picture of it and played 'catch me if you can' by flying further along the beach everytime we got close. It did this about 4 times!

I feel so much for those who have suffered with the flooding and also the severe cold weather that hit so much of America and Canada last week. I hope this week is calmer and warmer for you all.
Sarah x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Horizons

Happy New year. I hope you had a good one, I'm sorry that some of you haven't had a good start to the year. The weather here has been awful here with heavy rain, flooding and high winds. 

Darts Farm Exeter fields of broccoli and red cabbage
These first pictures were taken between Christmas and New Year when the weather was calmer. At this time of year many of us look forward to the future and evaluate things and think of what we can do better or how we can realise our dreams. Do we do this more in the Northern hempishere where we still have dark days and spring still seems a long way off?

Little steps created by Daisy
West Bay
   For us our horizon in 2014 will look different as my husband takes early retirement at the end of March and our life will change. We have to decide whether to take small steps or a giant step to lead to the simpler life we crave. If you like us want a simpler life and need some encouragement- the first posts of this year from Rhonda at down---to---earth are worth reading.

Last year I gave up with new year resolutions and instead chose two words TREASURE and LIGHTEN. I found it much easier to achieve than new year resolutions and something to carry out throughout the year. So this year my word is going to be DOING. I am very good at dreaming but don't make the steps to realise the dream. As Charles Dickens wrote in David Copperfield :-

Do you have any  major plans for the year ahead ? We are thinking ahead to summer holidays and where to go. It always has to be somewhere by the water St Ives is currently on the top of the list!

Those pictures of sunshine at previous visits to St Ives seems such a contrast to the current weather!

Floods in Weymouth yesterday

Waves on Weymouth beach

Welcome to my new followers Willow, Stella, Tracy, and Earthworms and marmalade, thank you so much for joining me. It seems to take me longer and longer to get around to reading everyones' blogs! Wishing you a good week and hope you survive the weather wherever you are.
Sarah x


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